Unit 30 IAC!

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Hi everyone,

I wonder if anyone have the same situation with me. I have this outstanding unit above, I did not start the Foundation stage its because I had completed bookeeping at TVU. I wasn't happy the teaching there so I move to Kaplan and start at the Intermediate level which doesn't give me any problem at all. Now I am doing my final exams and the report but the outstanding unit is still there, I have tried to email the AAT for any advice but until now I still don't have any response. I am worried that this outstanding will stop me being a MAAT.I remember that I mention that to my tutor before but she said that I have to do it I look at the description of the unit I have all the certificate of this even sage.

Please anyone have the same boat with me, Can you please share any idea on what really happen to this outstanding unit.

Many thank's in advance!


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    I also have this as I started at Advance Cert level.
    I have an email from AAT stating that I do not need to take Unit 30 IAC as I started from and passed Advance Certificate.
    I think it is a blip on the database.
    Perhaps email them and get it in writing so you are covered just in case.
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