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Hi all,

Just a quick question.. I am just finishing my Foundation (Level 2) NVQ and in September I am going onto do Intermediate (Level 3) in September.

Does anyone from experience find it a huge step up or will it just follow on from Foundation?


  • Shell B
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    I would not say its a huge step up, the first few weeks you may go over double entry just to refresh etc.

    Some bits are difficult dont get me wrong but as long as you make good notes so that you can over them in your own time if needs be then its not so bad.

    I have found personally that i have had to do more work at home just because i wanted to make sure i was grasping what was being said, and plus sometimes is easier at home when its quite and you can do things at your own pace.

    I am sure you will be fine, but if you are not grasping things in class make sure you say something staight away dont be worried about saying "i dont understand this" its better to ask early on then get to your simulations and exams and find you really ahve not got a clue.

    Good Luck for next year

    Shell B
  • PatchLatics
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    Thanks alot Shell B. Appreciated.
  • snowmarauder
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    Ive really enjoyed this year, but it has been more work, finance is a continuation of Unit 3 and Costings/Management accounting is a lot more to grasp, but started to enjoy it now.
    Reports and Returns is a ball ache, as its all memos based on info. Def get the kaplan costings book and you will be one step ahead.

    Got out costings sim this thur, so studying like mad now, then the two exams in June.

    Good luck and enjoy xx
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