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I work for a charity and I need to transfer my Sage (Accounts 50) expense transactions to excel in order to apportion them to Fundraising/Awareness/Governance etc.
I have used the Financial Reports route (Company/Financial Reports/Transaction CSV) as well as listing them in a window and the sending them to Excel (File/Office Integration/Send contents to excel).
Each time, I get a file with merged cells, split cells and it makes it extremnely difficult to use.

Grateful for any tips on the best route to achieve this.




  • taskey
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    when you open the document in excel, does it give you the options to change the column width etc. i always go through by pressing next, rather than just ok. i import files into excel using csv all the time

    sorry if i am pointing you in the wrong direction.

  • AK002
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    Do you not have sage integrated reporting in Excel? It should be a toolbar.
  • Mal
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    Thanks - hadn't seen the integrated package. Will now enable and get going.

    Many thanks.

  • PGM
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    After running a report, I choose export and save as a standard CSV file. Ends up all neetly lined up.

    Should be able to do this without integrated reporting.

    Another option, you could use the "departments" to record whether a transaction is; Fundraising/Awareness/Governance.

    Then run departmental reports, we used to records projects like that.
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