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A director of a limited comapny is respeonsible for the fees for his own tax return. What about a partner, fees for the partnership accounts and tax return are allowable but is each partner responsible for paying the fees for their personal tax return?


  • groundy
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    I would say yes, but it depends on what you have agreed with the client at the start.
  • jilt
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    Sorry maybe I didn't ask the question properly, what I mean't was does HMRC consider it an expense of the partnership or of the partner personally, is the cost of preparing the partner's personal tax return an allowable expense of the partnership?
  • Monsoon
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    I'd put it in the partnership. Presumably they have to complete personal tax returns because of their self employment (i.e. partnership) and therefore the concession of allowing accountants fees for self employed should apply.

    I would guess that normally accountants fees would be one fee for SA800 and 2x SA100s, billed to the partnership so you wouldn't show the cost for the SA100s separately anyway.
  • jilt
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    Hmmm, I didn't include them last year and had been thinking maybe I should have, oops! Being too cautious there maybe. Thanks hun.
  • Gem7321
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    Preparation of personal tax returns is disallowable, every year at work we get an email about it to confirm as it has been allowable previously. bottom of the page!
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