Sebastian Forbes's thread has disappeared

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Many forum users may have seen that Sebastian has named and shamed one college providing training for students who are studying in their homes.
I work at Chichester College, where to the best of my knowledge our students have been satisfied with the training we provide.
This morning, Sebastian's thread disappeared.

I hope this does not discourage Sebastian as the thread did provide a useful idea of the sort of aspects that colleges do that meet with the approval and disapproval of students.


  • sdv
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    Is it surprising?

    There was a lot of good information for the prospective AAT students on avoiding pitfalls when choosing an AAT service provider.

    It is fine to disagree and put one’s point and views forward but when the thread develops into a witch hunt then it may not be acceptable no matter how much you disagree with the service providers.

    Remember from the AAT’s perspective the service provider may have genuine complaint against this particular thread because it was no longer in the sprit of open student's discussion.

    AAT may also have felt that there are many students who ARE satisfied with HLC’s services. AAT would be in a better position to come to some kind of conclusion because they will have the information on the number of students enrolled with HLC, pass/success rates and any complaints lodged against them.
  • blobbyh
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    I'm not surprised to see this thread finally gone either and was amazed it lasted as long as it did. As sdv has already stated, it's fine to have a genuine grievance when you've paid money but another when it seems to become a personal crusade against what I presume is still a successful, if rather expensive business. The poster received several responses from the college but seemed quite dismissive of them, devoting an unhealthy amount of time trying to recruit as many other people into his cause as possible.

    I would trust that if the college really were that bad then they would have their licence revoked by the AAT rather than the college - which some might accuse them of - "exerting influence" to have the thread forcibly removed.
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