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Hi there, looking for somebody who has done the training who can give me some advice. I am currently looking at the possibility of doing ACCA after I finish the AAT in June (hopefully!). Planning to do self study and teach myself as I live in a very remote place. Can any one give a bit of guidance as to how the exams work. Do you literally sit 1 exam twice a year, or is there some topics you can group together and do 2 instead, or is it possible to do two or maybe 3 at a time? I know i will get exemption from the 3 knowledge exams in the fundamentals level with the AAT, I just am not sure what sort of timescale I should be looking at with ACCA?

Any advice appreciated, thankyou in advance.


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    I confirm that the exam structure is as you suggested.

    You can sit up to four exams per sitting, of which there are two per year.

    However, with self study, I would limit this to two at the maximum. Whilst others have done the exams on their own, I would suggest that you need professional tuition from BPP or FTC Kaplan for at least the final level. Timescale really depends on your pass rate and your rate of study as per the above.

    Also, remember that they don't let you practice under the AAT system if you are an ACCA member.

    Hope this helps.

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    14 exams, so 11 assuming you get 3 exemptions.

    I'd do 2 per sitting, ie 4 per year.

    Which would take you 3 years to complete.

    Could do 3 exams per sitting and do it in 2 years, but thats a lot of work, epecially by distance learning!
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    Yeah I think 2 per sitting would seem fine. I have paid for the AAT through a training provider and if I am honest have never really used them for help, so hence why I am considering self study of ACCA as I have pretty much self taught myself AAT...before I get shot down in flames here I am fully aware that ACCA is on a completely different level to AAT! I work full time for an accountancy practice so I have colleagues that would be able to give help and advice when needed. Also not to mention the difference in cost! Do the exams run the same as AAT - one week in June and one in December? Also does anybody know if it would be possible to sit the Exams at my local college. I have emailed ACCA about this but as yet have had no reply...
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    Exams are Dec/Jun the same.

    Less test centres! I have to travel to the next town for my closest one.

    I started doing ACCA by distance learning. I passed the exams, and never spoke to any tutors, wish I'd just bought the books!

    Doing the final modules with Kaplan classes. They are harder, but my motivation is also in need of support...
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    Just found a list of exam centres, my little remote town used to be one of the special centres a few years ago but looks like I will have to do the same as I have with the AAT and travel 120 miles!
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