Unit 32, Professional Ethics simulation

nodgers1 Feels At HomeRegistered Posts: 31

i am working on a unit 32 mock simulation (Clarke Homer) from Osbourne books.

1 of the questions i have is as follows -

One of the clients you are responsible for is Enduring Health, a private health and fitness club in Roundridge. The fitness club has been one of your clients for a number of years and you have a good relationship with the staff there.

When you are reviewing the files for the current year, you notice the following issues -

The bookeeper appears to have taken some money out of the health club and treated it as a loan in the accounts of the business.

I am asked to outline the ethical issue that has arisen from the point above?

i have a fair idea of what the answer is, its just outting it down on paper, always seems to challenge me, give me numbers anyday!

im thinking that the accountant should speak with the bookkeeper to see if it just an honest mistake before he makes a judgment, as jumping to the wrong conclusion could damage their professional working relationship and integrity of the accountant if he is wrong?

any advice on this question would be appreciated.



  • kerryhill100
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    I do have the model answers to this at home somewhere if that would help?
  • nodgers1
    nodgers1 Feels At Home Registered Posts: 31
    Hi Kerry

    thanks, but i submitted my sim last night, so lets see how i go? have u done the real thing yet? if so how did u find it?
  • kerryhill100
    kerryhill100 Well-Known Registered Posts: 121
    yes I sat it on 9th April, still awaiting results.

    I found it ok only one question I really wasnt sure on.

    Common sense really.
  • steveJ
    steveJ Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 694
    Nice one Nodgers and well done Kel... I've booked mine for next Thursday. Kel where did you sit your exam ? How did u revise for it ? Any tips?
  • JaneEl
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    Hi Steve,

    Good Luck with Proffessional ethics, I used BPP Passcards to revise for that skills test, youll do fine.
  • nodgers1
    nodgers1 Feels At Home Registered Posts: 31
    Hi Again

    i have completed the Clarke Homer mock sim for unit 32 from osbourne books and wanted to know does anyone have the answers for the other mock sim in that book Abel, Ahmed & Toms?

  • steveJ
    steveJ Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 694
    I finally sat my skills test at work today and i have to say that it wasnt too bad at all. I read somewhere on here that someone had run out of time to finish writing...exactly the same here !! The three hours flew by and my arm was killing me by the end of it *hand stuck in pen grip!*

    Anyways i would say to anyone its nothing to worry about...as long as you have done ya studying...

  • awatson86
    awatson86 Feels At Home MAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant Posts: 60
    Does anyone have the model answers to Clarke Homer? Thanks
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