Another one done!

katsutlieff Trusted RegularRegistered Posts: 459
I have just heard from my tutor and overall I did much better than I thought in last weeks Unit 15 simulation.

I have two additional questions to do, calculating annual interest which I forgot the second part of the equation but oh how I know it off by heart now, and one on granting credit, I ran out of brain power.

I am so happy to get another unit out of the way as I had stalled since last years exam and had found it really difficult to get back into the routine of studying.

Two more to go!


  • jilt
    jilt Font Of All Knowledge Registered Posts: 2,903
    Well done Katie, isn't it a great feeling to tick them off. Good luck with the last two.
  • JayneHogan
    JayneHogan Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 697
    Yes, well done. Treat yourself to something nice!
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