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i have completed my financial and costing exam for intermediate, and have just got to do the simulation for reports and return.

Ive been thinking about next year and what to do, can anyone give an idea of work load etc is it a big jump from intermediate to technician? How have you found teh exams?

I know there is a project to do and you choose two areas thatt you would like to do.
I was thinking of doing credit managment and either personal tax or business tax.


Shell B


  • AK002
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    I found PEV & PCR (the next step up from ECR) quite challenging but got through it fine.

    DFS & BTC i'm finding ok so far.
  • noodles
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    I have choosen btc and ptc as I think that they are closely linked, DFS is not too bad. I have completed - all being well in June exams BTC, PTC and DFS in 6 mths, and I aim to do PEV and PCR in December so that I finish the lot within a year.
    I dreaded the project but once I got started it was not too bad and took about 3 mths to get it completed. Good luck
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    I thought if you hadnt started a level by june 10 you had to switch over to the new qualifaction? If not the only advise i could give is start your unit project as soon as possible and get it out of the way or else you might get bogged down with it. It is a bit of a jump between levels but very achivable however ask me again after next week lol

    Good luck for your future studies :)
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    My understanding is that you have to june 11 to complete the levels or you move to new system - does anyone know how it actually works?

    I have not completed intermediate totally as waiting on project to be signed off and not done health and safety unit -( is this intermediate or tech level, not quite sure)but I should after these exams just have 2 units of technicians left.
  • steveJ
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    Regarding the new qualification, i have learned so far :-

    As of June/July this year the new qualification comes into action. Anyone who begins studying after these months will start on the new qualification.

    If you are part way through a level, you have until next June/July 2011 to finish it. If you are still unfinished, then you will be moved onto the new qualification, but your work completed up until that date will count towards the new qualification.

    I aiming to finish intermediate by next June so will start the technician on the qualification.

    Hope this helps
  • steveJ
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  • Beth
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    It is a step but it is managable and who doesn't enjoy a challenge?!!
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