How to be confident in preparing for exams

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Accounting can be an easy subject but it takes practice and studying to pass an Accounting exam. Working steadily throughout the course will prepare you for the exam. If you try to cram at the end you won't do as well. You need your books and all the practice materials to study for the exam. Preparation is the key to passing together with a positive attitude and a determination to succeed.

Start with the right attitude that you will make time to revise and do your best in your exams

Review all the material that you have covered in the course and make notes on key areas

Go through past assignments and revise any areas that you are unsure off

Complete the mock exam –Don't panic if you get lower marks than you expected - Go over the areas that you made mistakes on and revise them again.

Attempt some past exam papers – practice makes perfect

Your study program
1. Try not to leave this until the last night before an exam. Begin studying at least a couple of days or even months before the exam. You will feel more relaxed.

2. Don't study when you're really tired. It's better to study for two hours in one day than to try and cram in that daily hour at two in the morning. You won't remember much and you're likely to stop before you have studied for your hour, two hours etc.

3. Find the best time of the day and place you can study and stick to it. Avoid all unnecessary distractions in the area that you choose to do your studies.

4. Take breaks. After studying for a while, reward yourself by going on a walk to clear your mind, or watching a film or just do something you enjoy. Try not to feel guilty about this - you need some time to have fun and it is better to revise when you are feeling relaxed after a break than to exhaust yourself studying all day!

5. Don’t study too hard during exam week. Exam week can be pretty fun if you're prepared. If you stick to your study plan, and then you should be ready, so don't cram late at night every night, get a good night’s sleep knowing that you spent a month studying hard.


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    What a crock!
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    I can read your post. I really appreciate it. In it you give a very useful information about preparing for exams. Thanks for this great post.

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