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For years I did all the book-keeping to TB for our family company which sadly went under - always felt that my skills were good.

I took a job with another family company.

The person doing their book-keeping was a chartered accountant- she charged them £20 per hour PAYE

I went in 1 month before financial year end AND payroll year end

I found the job more technical than my last, and although the previous lady did a good technical , accurate job, there is a lot of house-keeping to do bringing filing up together etc.

After the initial month, and year end, I found my self a couple of weeks behind and am doing a lot of hours to catch up to meet deadlines and to be able to provide management accounts figures.

Some of my extra hours are I admit because I am having to really think about where each figure goes etc at the moment.
Some are just getting used to everything.
I am getting paid £15 per hour PAYE

My question is - Do I charge for all the extra hours, or do I let some go as a kind of 'adaptation' / self training? - what is the accepted 'way' in these situations.

Looking forward to your replies.


  • Monsoon
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    If you are employed, then you should be being paid for the hours you are working.

    What's in your contract of employment?
  • moozy7
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    Hi Monsoon - thanks for your reply!

    You know what - I dont have one yet!

    There has been no problem yet, but i am arming myself just in case.
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    Legally, as an employee, you should get some sort of contract of employment within 3 months of starting so there's (from the info you have given) a couple of weeks yet.

    I would advise to actually tell the Director what hours you are actually working, and maybe explain that you have had to work extra to familiarise yourself with the system that is there. In that case, you have put it in their court and they may well discuss it with you there and then.
  • moozy7
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    Thanks for your input TrueCockney
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