DFS - Seriously stressed!

HayleyM Registered Posts: 63 Regular contributor ⭐
Has anyone got any good tips on remembering how to do the consolidated statement of financial position, consolidated income statement and statement of cash flows?
I feel like I am getting nowhere with my revision and I am started to get really stressed about it. The only part of the exam I can do with no probs is Section 1, part A. I haven't even made it on to Section 2 yet! That is the section most people fail on so I feel that I really should have moved onto this already!
I just cannot seem to remember how to do all the calculations for these three statements. I just get myself all confused and then worked up about it! We only have four weeks and I just do not think I am going to be able to fit all of this in!!! :(

Anyone else feeling like this?!


  • aimeexox
    aimeexox Registered Posts: 38 Regular contributor ⭐
    Im starting to get stressed aswell, it didn't really start until yesterday.

    Unfortunately I can't tell you any good ways of remembering the layouts and the calculations. I just re write mine about a million times in different colour pens to try and remember the layout for the cashflow statement.

    Four weeks is still enough time to crack section 2, thats what I keep telling myself anyway haha. Again thats just about leaning the ratios and what the different results mean! Which will probably enough more coloured pens :/.
  • Esme
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    For the consolidated statement of financial position you will get given the two which you need to consolidate so just copy the layout. The only difference will be the Goodwill and equity section, do past papers over and over again and it will sink in eventually. The same with the cash flow, practice loads and you will get the hang of it.
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