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I have just attempted June 08 Past Exam and found it relatively straight forward apart from a couple of little errors I made but when I tried Dec 09 paper last week I found it more difficult. I have noticed this in the past when I do past exam papers. Sometimes I feel pretty confident after attempting one but then the next one I do is so hard. I am starting to think it is just luck if you get an easier paper or not!


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    Yeah I know what you mean Jules certainly there does seem to be sittings when an exam paper I guess appears to be easier than previous sittings.

    Gotta be honest I really like DFS have just enjoyed it from day one both sections and have enjoyed the past papers and the studying that I did with BPP homes study.
    Helps that I took some previous exams related to some legal qualifications that I was sitting so a lot of this is not new material for me especially the lay outs and consilidated accounts.

    Now personal tax is something that I am struggling with as just not that much into it at the moment although slowly but surely all the bits and pieces are sinking in!!

    Still 1 month to go so no point in peaking too soon and keep going with DFS it will all come together!!
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