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Hello all,

I'm just finishing up my first year studying AAT at my local college. My employer has been paying for me to go to college, however I'm not sure if that is going to be an option next year.

I was wondering if anyone knew of any help that I can get towards paying my course fees? I want to continue to study. I was looking at working tax credits but because I am only 20 I can't get them (Because everything gets more expensive when you turn 25?!)

Does anyone have any suggestions/advice?


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    depending which college you go to and what other qualification you have your NVQ Lv3 may be part or fully funded (like mine was) by the government. Look at 'train to gain' website
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    Free Tuition

    Why dont you look into colleges that do free apprenticeships for under 24's. AAT offer these services but go to your local college and find out. I hope this helps.

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    I was exempt from the Foundation level of AAT, but had the intermediate level funded through the government on a modern apprenticeship scheme. I just applied to my local enterprise company who gave me the information (dont get me wrong at first they didnt want to give it to me but after showing how determined I was they gave it to me). I know there was no funding for Technician level, as funding is usually only granted up to SVQ level 3 so I had to rely on my employer for it.

    I suppose it would depend how able you were and how you were finding the course, but if I could go back I just would have bought the books and taught myself. I dont use my tutor for hardly anything, and could have done the course for less than half the money paid. Mind you I also have the advantage of working for an accountancy practice which is a massive advantage.
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