Steve's book on IASs/IFRS in particular IAS7

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I am reviewing cash flows (page 30) and looking at the example I can't figure out where in the working W2, NBV of assests sold = $692 is calculated.

Also W3 19200-2172 - 692 = 16336 making balancing figure 13546 not 13646.

Help anyone who has looked at this?


  • Steve Collings
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    A personal reply from the author here!!

    Ordinarily, an exam question would tell you the net book value of PPE sold. My book is an illustration of how the standards work so doesn't go into as much detail as a text book.

    I am aware of a typo on page 37. The working (W3) starts with an opening balance of $19,200 but if you look at the statement of financial position on page 35, the opening NBV is $19,100.

    I, personally, sincerely apologise for the typo - it was not spotted during proof reading but will be corrected in the next edition.

  • reddwarf
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    Thank you Steve
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