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This might be a stupid question, but for the life of me I cannot figure it out. On question 2.3 on Dec 09, I cannot figure out how they got the answer of 43.50 or where the figure 2,958,000 came from. Can anyone help please?


  • Rinske
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    In the data provided (the bit above the question) it says 49300 hours actual labour hours.

    49300 hours times 60 is 2,958,000 minutes.

    Now the 43.50 comes from all actual figures combined:
    Actual production is 68,000 items. So 2,958,000 divided by 68,000 is 43.50

    Another way to get there would be to divide the actual hours worked of 49,300 by the production of 68,000 times 60 (to get to the minutes).

    Both answers come up with the 43.50.

    Hope this helps!

  • tigger37
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    DUH!! Mental slap to head for not figuring that out! Thanks for your help:)
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