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A quick Sage quiery for those in the know.

A client has asked me to look into why her credit card balance never reconciles to the statements. I did do, and found two discrepencies were she'd entered one amount by mistake and the other duplicated. I advised to delete these transactions via File>Maintenence>Corrections.

The problem however is the message 'This transaction has been Bank Reconciled - if it is deleted it will affect your Bank Reconciled opening balance for the relevant bank account'. Will it matter if I delete them considering they were made in 2007?

Any help/advice on this would be great (Sage is still relatively new to me!)




  • PGM
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    The delete option is handy, but many people avoid it. Often better to put in a correcting entry instead, keeping the audit trail intact!

    Also, if the amount has been reconciled, why is it now being deleted? Was the reconciliation done wrong?
  • Monsoon
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    I wouldn't mess with a transaction that's been reconciled and in a period that's been closed.

    As PGM says, just make a journal correction to balance the account, based on your findings from your investigations, dated in THIS financial year, or it will confuse things at year end.
  • bigmuggsy
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    Many thanks for your help.

    Best regards

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