PEV Nov 2009

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on Pev task 2.2b

Capsules Supremio
Sales 3,120,000 4,000,000 7,120,000

Gross profit 1,352,000 1,200,000 2,552,000

Net profit 1,040,000 460,000 1,500,000

My question is, where do they get 460,000 net profit from? I can't think anymore

Thanks in advance


  • aimeexox
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    I think the £460,000 is from the supremio coffee from the very beginning of the question where it gives you all the original data for section two.. because they've already sold 40,000... if that makes sense....
  • Terdoo
    Terdoo Registered Posts: 144 🎆 🐘 🎆
    Re Pev

    Ha, i figure out the answer after a short break, the figure is already on the profit and loss account ( net profit of supremo) I think I was a little bit tired.

    thanks for your reply
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