talk to me about MAC exam format

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im wondering if there is a pretty standard format for the mac exam?

i mean like dfs we knew that there was going to be a ratio analysis and report in part 2 and pretty much what the format of part 1 would have been too and that it was a 70-30% split

i am not at the past paper stage yet, however have found covering the material ok so far - except have been less able to study everyday as my baby son made a slightly early appearance 6weeks ago

im wondering if there is some sort of standard format ie variance/performance indicator calculations part 2, budget part 1? are there areas/topics that are always in the paper?and also is the paper 50-50% split for part 1 and 2 or similar to dfs with a different weighting?

luckily my husband is now off until the exam so will be able to do much more study in the day as he can do baby things that i would otherwise have had to have stopped to do. by the end of next week i should have finished everything and revised it all and done the revision companion and then have a week and a weekend to do past papers and more practice on problem areas/vital areas



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    thats a really good point actually hadnt though if mac is a 50-50% split anyone?
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