Ageing Balance in Sage

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When setting customer defaults and supplier defaults, what does the 'Ageing Balance' refer to exactly?


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    Ageing balance

    I did Sage ages ago, but now use Microsoft Navision.

    I guess that when you set up your defaults for customers and suppliers, this would let you show ageing balances. So you get a list of balances of aged debt...i.e you go from current to 30 days , then 60 days, then 90 days and so on

    The aged balances would show on the vendor card.

    In your sage software, is the aged balances tick box checked. If so leave it checked. That would then be a default to show aged balances...

    Anything over the terms of the account is aged. So if you have 30 days from date of invoice on an invoice, once it hits 31 days , and its unpaid, its an aged debt!!
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