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Hi , I wondered if anyone in practice could give me some advice?
I am currently on Intermediate year but havent had much in the way of work experience, only working in Sales Ledger. What I want to do with my qualification is to eventually set up as MIP, but I do understand that this would need more experience. I wanted to offer my services for free to local small businesses, and I know I can do this, but due to my lack of experience, dont really know what it all involves.
Would anyone recommend going down this route? I was also going to approach local practices for some voluntary work experience, but not sure how much they would allow me to do or if I would be stuck doing filing. Also, is it easy to get PII as a student member?
The reason Im going down this route is that it is just near impossible to get paid work at the moment, leaving me with absolutely no on the job experience once Im qualified.


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    I think you can get PI Insurance as a student but you will probably pay a bit more and some insurance companies may not be interested.

    It would certainly help by getting the experience by doing voluntary work for a practice. The practice though would need to see that you have some sort of competence as they won't want to be spending lots of time on training you.

    Where abouts are you based?

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