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For those who have exams looming, hows revision going?


  • Glynis
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    I'm doing ACCA F8 studies and they are going awful. I am never going to get through it and its next week! I don't feel I know anything and auditing is so complicated to learn when you don't work in it.
  • Bluewednesday
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    Don't be so negative, I don't audit and I passed, so did many people.

    Stop panicking and you'll be fine, go in with a 'I can do it attitude' rather than an 'I'm going to fail attitude' and you'll be fine.
  • emma123
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    Good luck Glynis in your exam. I hope everything falls into place for you

    Bluewednesday you're so right about having the right attitude. I'm gonna bear that in mind when it comes to my exam :)
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