PEV - DEC 09 Task 1.3 B

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Hi -

Stuck yet again on a bit, this time being PEV Dec 09. On task 1.3 A, my answers are all fine. However, I cannot get the same amounts in Task B for Dec, Jan and Feb. I thought the trend from November would just yet carry on from the Nov in Part A, but they started off with 1700. I'm losing my mind here...............................


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    In Sept - Nov you have an increase in the Trend of 100 every month. This Trend continues for Dec Jan & Feb. When you have the Trend figures for Dec, Jan & Feb you can now add back the Seasonal Variation to get to the forecast cost per 100kg

    Hope this helps
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    Try this link

    [thread=26952]PEV - DEC 09 Task 1.3 B
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