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Hi there,

I've don't have any experience of paypal (never used it myself), can anyone tell me if paypal has a limit as to how long they will keep an account 'active' to enable you to reveiew records after you stop using it?


  • anniem
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    I suppose it's active until you

    a) notify them that you wish to discontinue using the paypal service
    b) any card's you have registered with them reach their expiry date

    However, in my experience, more and more online vendors provide you with the option of paying through paypal, so I can't see any reason to stop using it, unless you've been defrauded through the service somehow.

    I think they do offer an 'account' type system, but I don't know anything about that though.
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    i reconcile our paypal account at work as we sell items on ebay. the account stays open like a bank account until it is cancelled, so the records are always there to review your transactions etc.
    It is possible to print off the account transactions in monthly, quarterly periods etc so you can reconcile or check transactions.
    It can get a bit tricky at times as paypal like to take fees etc out of any income that goes through paypal so you are kind of working on a gross, net basis.

    hope this helps

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