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I've been asked to do someone's self assessment (it's my first one!) and was curious as to the norm charges?

He's employed but does private tution self employed.

Also can he claim mileage allowances and also cost of vehicle as a capital allowance? I've been reading up on HMRC but being paranoid and wondering what other's experiences are?




  • Monsoon
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    Charging depends on how long it's going to take you to do his self employed accounts - how good is his bookkeeping?
    If it's all relatively simple, then £200 could wrap it all up. If it's going to take longer then it might be more.

    Are you a licenced member in practice?

    Re vehicles, you can either capitalise the car, include all the running costs and take a private use percentage. Or you can claim 40p a mile (as long as he turns over less than £70kpa) for the first 10k miles and 25ppm thereafter per year.

    I would put money on the 40ppm being more tax efficient.
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    I'd agree that £200 is a pretty good price, though I myself would probably charge less (and kick myself for it - so do as I say not as I do!) :) The mileage would seem to complicate things. If his accounts are in pretty good shape then perhaps £150 would suffice, particularly, as you say, if you are just starting out.
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