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I am sitting DFS, PEV & BTC exams very soon and am trying to learn the ratios that will cover these units.

I have come up with the following ratios:

- current ratio
- quick/acid test ratio
- return on capital employed (roce)
- debtor days
- creditor days
- stock turnover period (days)
- stock turnover
- working capital period
- profit margin
- gearing ratio
- debt ratio
- interest cover
- earnings per share
- return on equity

are there any that i have missed off this list that i should need to know?

i am trying to come up with a list of all ratios and what they are so then i can learn them.

if i have missed any then please add them to this thread so then others can get them aswell.........


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    I have a list of ratios I attempted to learn when I did DFS on last year, presume I got a list of which ones to study but can't be 100% sure you need them all, not much help really am I?

    Sorry couldn't figure out how to attach a file but if you pm me your email address I'll send it to you
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    Asset Turnover
  • mattyj3nks
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    which is?
  • Esme
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    ASSET TURNOVER RATIO = Revenue / Net Assets (non-current assets + current assets – current liabilities)
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