6 Days two subjects

Right as the title says

Am planning now for week of intense revision i have BTC and MAC but wonder how to start which topics.

How are you lot planning your last week of revsion?


  • jilt
    jilt Registered Posts: 2,903
    Am only sitting the one exam this time but when I sat both tax exams I just alternated my studying between the two spending a little more time on my weakest one, then the last 2 days before the exam I concentrated on the one I was sitting first. I seem to remember sitting one monday and one wednesday but could be wrong, and after the first exam obviousy concentrated on the other. Does that make sense?
  • A-Vic
    A-Vic Registered Posts: 6,970
    sounds good was trying to plan one in the morning then alternate afternoons.

    So topics???
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