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Except for the following things what might come up in the exam?

- Variances

- Ratios

- Current/basic/attainable/ideal standards

- Seasonal variation/trend

- marginal/absorption costing

- operating statement

- lifecycle costing

- target costing

Any pointers would be helpful!! Thank you!!!


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    try this link

    PQ Magazine

    and scroll down for UNIT 8
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    I have the greatest of respect for PQ, but the unit 8 list is little more than a syllabus re-write and has a June 2009 heading - so may be a year out of date.

    Have a look at these two articles both written by the chief assessor. I certainly drew a lot from them when I took the revision days for PEV

    Article 1
    Article 2

    This is the June 2010 edition of PQ
    June Edition of PQ
    Look on page 26 - a much shorter list

    I think if you discuss this course with your provider, your teacher will be able to tell you which parts of this syllabus are more important and which are less important
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