MAC June 2008

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I'm a bit confused on the MAC June 08 paper question 1.3 a)

The question asks for the volume of enquiries/reviews budgeted to be undertaken in the month.

The opening enquiries is 30000, the number of new enquiries is 240000 and 20000 are carried over into the following month. I make it that 250000 were processed in the month. 20% of these were reviewed, so in total 300000 enquiries/reviews were undertaken.

Why then is the total labour hours required calculated on 290000, which is the 240000 new enquiries received plus the 50000 reviews (based on the 250000 enquiries)? Surely if the staff have physically processed the 300000 this is what we use to calculate the labour hours?

Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance


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