Diesel Car Emissions

I dont understand this.

It says in my Book:

"The percentages that apply to diesel cars are 3% more than those for petrol cars. This is because diesel cars naturally have slightly lower emission levels than similar petrol models"

You would think that if diesel cars have lower emission levels there would be less of a charge as the emission levels are better for the environment would you not? Thus encouraging people to get diesel cars. Am I missing something here or what?


  • reddwarf
    reddwarf Registered Posts: 528
    Yep I thought the same!! I just took the rule and applied it!
  • Bluewednesday
    Bluewednesday Registered Posts: 1,624
    Although diesel cars emit less carbon monoxide they emit other particulates which aren't measured (but are just as unpleasant), that's why you add the 3% to reflect this.
  • jewels.p
    jewels.p Registered Posts: 1,774
    Oh right I just couldn't understand it by the way it is written in the Osbourne Book. Thanks for that Blue Wednesday.
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