Unit 32 - Professional Ethics - revising materials

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Does anyone have past Simulations/ revising materials/ progress tests - anything that I can use for revising the Unit 32?

If so, could you please email these to me?
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  • katsutlieff
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    Scooby I have emailed you the mock that my tutor sent me. I am in the process of sitting for mine too so if you have any practices floating around I would appreicate them.

    I think the majority of the unit is just common sense, and applying a high level of caution, if you think that something could be misconstrued then its probably best not to do it
  • stuartander
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    Hi, Please could someone send me some revision stuff if they dont mind.
    [email protected]

    Thank you!!
  • steveJ
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    I sat mine around 2 weeks ago and i have to say i was surprised how easy it was. I was expecting it to go into detail regarding regulations etc, but it was very scenario based and if you have done ya studying then nothing on this test should surprise. Oh yeah... try not to take too long on a question, youll be surprised how quick the 3 hours go.

  • chestyna
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    Unit 32 - Prof. Ethics

    Hi, does anyone have any mock or revision papers regarding this unit? I am sitting simulation test on monday and have done 2 practise simul.tests in the book but somehow feels like that's not enough. Could anyone email me any mock papers please if you don't mind?

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  • s_deards
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    Sorry to jump in as well. Any mocks anyone has easily emailed please can you send me them [email protected]

    Thanks heaps

  • anniebabe
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    Unit 32

    Hi Guys
    Is this Unit 32 for the new QCF qualification? it isnt ringing any bells with me.
    If so could someone send me some info.
    Also, is Unit 15 QCF the same as Unit 7?
    I am afraid its all a fog.
    Have been told that my college arent doing Unit 6 from July and I will have to do the QCF Unit - so will also have to do the 2 extra units.
    Many thanks.
    [email protected]
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