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I am just lookign at what things should be added back, deducted and ignored when calculating trade profit.....

i have come up with this:

net profit

add back:-
gift aid payments
increase in provisions (general)
entertaining customers
lease of car
fines for law breaking
supplier loans
loss on sale of fixed asset

dividends received
profit on sale of fixed assets
profit on sale of shares
non-trading interest receivable
rent receivale

= Trading Profit

Is there anything else that would be in this?
please add below and say what action would need to be taken....


  • gosia79
    gosia79 Registered Posts: 25 Dedicated contributor ? ? ?
    Add back:
    -gifts to customers: food, alcohol, tabacco (allowable is stuff under £50.00 and with a company's logo I think...)
    -loans to employees written off
    -political donations
    -lease of a car- only 15% of the cost and it has to be high emission car
  • A-Vic
    A-Vic Registered Posts: 6,970
    = trading profit before capital allowences
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