3 Down 2 to go

Just signed my unit ten off woooohooo sorry had to share lol now final push for next week fingers crossed


  • tigger37
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    3 down

    Way 2 go Vic!! I'm still waiting on my unit 10 as I sent it from work and bloody Parcel Force sent it to the wrong address!! Quick panic and then the shipping department at my work promised to get it to the assessor today. I would have roared bloody murder is they had lost that file................
  • Rinske
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    Congratulations Vic! Nicely timed as well, just before the exams to give you a nice booster.

    Tigger, I sent everything to my tutor/ assessor by email, so I am sure they got it and I got a copy if it gets lost somewhere. They then send it back by post, without keeping a copy! I really don't like the idea of that getting lost in the post.
  • noodles
    noodles Registered Posts: 308
    Well done you, I am just about to have mine singed off- what a relief it is to have this out the way.
  • Andypandy
    Andypandy Registered Posts: 526
    Well done Mrs! Bl**dy hated doing mine instead of an extra December exam, but it's sooo good to get rid isn't it?
  • A-Vic
    A-Vic Registered Posts: 6,970
    so is its like passing an exam :)
  • taskey
    taskey Registered Posts: 1,800
    well done, what a relief.

  • jewels.p
    jewels.p Registered Posts: 1,774
    I havent even looked at Unit 10 yet. If I pass DFS and PTC in June I am hoping to do MAC and BTC in December then I was gonna do Unit 10. I thought I would be struggling trying to fit Unit 10 in as well as studying for exams. Do you guys think I should start on Unit 10 while studying for the other things cause thats what everyone else seems to do?
  • noodles
    noodles Registered Posts: 308
    the only thing you need to be aware of are the new rules and that if a level is not completed by June 11 I think it changes - not too sure but you need to look into it carefully as my tutor was concerned about this for me that is why i got it done as i am a distant learner
  • Rinske
    Rinske Registered Posts: 2,453
    For what I've understood it is getting easier, compared to the current requirements, but not sure!
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