Unit 5 Skills Test Messed Up!!

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I sat Unit 5 skills test last week as an independent student so haven't really got a tutor to seek advice from, so wondering if anyone else can be of assistance!

Basically, I obviously did something wrong as my trial balance did not balance (even taking into consideration that there was an error which went through the suspense account). I did not have enough time, and for the life of me could not work out what I had done wrong, so I carried on using the wrong figures basically to show that I was still capable of doing the rest of the paper albeit with the wrong figures.

Now have I screwed it up, or do I have a chance that I might still pass (assuming that I did the rest of the paper correctly)?

Thanks if you've taken a minute to have a look at this.


  • jenny3549
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    Don't panic! There's still a good chance you may have passed. All the Assessor Reports I have read say they do not continue to penalise for a wrong answer. In other words, if you get one thing wrong but then continue to use that figure going forward, as long as your calculations are correct based on that figure they don't take any more marks off.

    One thing they do like, if you can't get a TB to balance - make sure you put a suspense account is as you'll gain credit for that compared to just leaving it unbalanced.
  • jenylou
    jenylou Registered Posts: 2 New contributor ?
    Thanks for your reply. Hopefully thats the case and that I did ok. Thats interesting about the suspense account. I had to add a suspense account for errors provided within the paper but never even thought about adding my remaining error to it, but that certainly makes a lot of sense! Hopefully others will see that, and do that if they find themselves in the same position I did. Fingers crossed for the time being!
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