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Im sitting my final exam next week and want to carry on to CIMA in September, can anyone tell me what I need to do? When do I register with them and I believe I have to allow them to see my exam results, also do I need to submit all my work experience now?

Is it right that we can't use tip ex in June 2010 exams?

The website says results will be issued from 6.30AM on 16th August 2010... Is this right as it is usually 6pm?


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  • jewels.p
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    Cant help you with your first question but will help for the other two.

    No you are not allowed to use Tipp-Ex, Pencils, Rub-Out Pens in exams now.

    It is usually 6pm so I think this is probably an error.

  • neuroticprincess
    neuroticprincess Registered Posts: 56 πŸ’« 🐯 πŸ’«
    Thanks for your help.

    Do you know if there was anything released from the AAT with regards to the erasable pens etc as my tutor didn't know about it and I wouldn't mind seeing exactly what the rules are as she suggested erasable pens instead of tipp ex but seems thats not allowed either!!

  • jewels.p
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    I got an email when the changes took place. But if you go into MyAAT it tells you in the Rules etc. on your Exam Details page.
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    I don't use tippes in exams but i do often write things out in pencil first then go over it in pen.

    Do you think that's no longer allowed?

  • jewels.p
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    I did that in ECR but wont do it again as I ran out of time to go back and check. My pen wouldnt write over the pencil it was a nightmare.
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    We start CIMA in August and aim at the November exams
    So students join CIMA before July 31st (online) and can opt to have AAT results forwarded directly they come out.
    Costs are: Joining CIMA, then exemptions from each certificate paper, and the exam entry fees
    [email protected]
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