Pensioners Tax Return

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A pensioner's son has asked me to complete a tax return for his mother who is paid the state pension and then two further private pensions.

Could someone please clarify for me if the state pension is paid net of any tax? Is it possible to get a statement from the HMRC of the state pension paid along the same lines as the P60's.

Any help and advice will be really appreciated.


  • burg
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    No tax is deducted from the state pension.

    The client should get a notification each April of the amount of state pension they are due to receive for that tax year.

    It's then a question of adding up all the pension incomes and any other income and calculating tax due. You can then deduct the tax collected by PAYE on any of the private pensions to leave a balance due.

  • Dawny
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    Thank you, I did think it worked this way and it's nice to have the reassurance.
  • Bluewednesday
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    How old is the pensioner? Will mca apply?
  • T.C.
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    Why are they completing a Tax Return anyway?
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