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Section 1 task 1.3 c
can someone please explain how to find the percentage increase from 2007 to 2008 i seems to be lost.


  • SandyHood
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    The index at Jan 07 was the base (which means) 100
    The index at January 2008 is given as ...........108.25
    The increase in the index value over the year is .8.25

    8.25 as a % of 100 is 8.25%
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    In b you calculated the actual price for that January 2008. If you now divide that result by the price of January 2007 times 100, you have the percentage January 2008 is compared to January 2007.

    If you then deduct 100 of the figure you have the increase.

    January 2007 is given as a base figure of 4.80.
    In a it is given that January 2007 is the base month, so has an index of 100.
    In b it's given that January 2008 has an index of 108.25.
    For b the calculation is 4.80 times 108.25 divided by 100 to come up with the new price of 5.20.

    For c you then want the percentage increase.
    The price went from 4.80 to 5.20, so to calculate the percentage increase you divide the 5.20 by 4.80 times 100% minus 100%.

    The alternative way to calculate it is to calculate 5.20 minus 4.80 and divide the result by 4.80 times 100 to end up at the percentage. Both should give the same result of 8.33%

    Does this help?
  • nosaj
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    thanks for your help I was using 5.20/4.80*100 and was not coming back to the answer
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