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Hi guys

I have a client who has just bought a personal number plate with the business initials on that is going onto the business van. I have been looking on HMRC website but i seem to be getting confused, does the number plate get added as a capital item in the accounts and depn calculated?

Tax wise, do i then claim the 20% WDA, FYA or can i claim AIA on this? Or am i barking up the wrong tree as it mentions CGT?

Thanks in advance


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    I could be wrong here but i am just using the small amount of knowledge in my head :)

    Wouldnt you capitalise this along with the van as part of the van. You could therefore apply AIA. You says he just bought the number plate so FYA would not apply as it after 5 April 2010 (31 March for companies)? However I am presuming you are doing accounts which actually ended before 5 April 2010, in which case it would be additions-AIA-FYA @40% and then transferred to the pool after WDA has been calculated on the pool balance.

    I am certain someone will correct me on this though...
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    You cannot claim capital allowances on personal number plates, as these are classed as a right to use certain letter and numbers.

    Here is a link to HMRC guidance:

    Is the business a sole trader/partnership or a limited company? If a limited company, a tax charge may arise if the vehicle the plate is attached to has private use - being 20% of the market value of the plate each year (in addition to the normal car/van benefit charge).

    Because no tax allowances can be gained, we usually advise limited company clients to buy personal number plates in the director's name, then no benefit charge can arise. Also, if later sold at a gain they can use their annual exemption (any maybe the chattel rules).
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    Could try getting around it by calling it "advertising" depending on what the plate says. There is a number plate in my area 'U BEND', which is a plumbers van. Just an idea.
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