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sab2905 Registered Posts: 3 New contributor 🐸
An long-standing employee in a local business is retiring.

My client, a partnership, would like to mark the occasion,(there is a party to which they have been invited) by contributing towards a retirement present and the recipient has asked for gift vouchers.

As the person is not a customer, supplier or employee it is not a situation I have come across before.

I presume as the person is not an employee of the business there is no complications associated with the vouchers but is there anything else I should be aware of?




  • Jmann
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    I would think it is business entertainment and gifts, hence not allowable tax purpose. I do not see any other issues other than not allowable. You need to add back when calculation the taxable profit.
  • sab2905
    sab2905 Registered Posts: 3 New contributor 🐸
    Thanks a lot, that's what I thought - just wanted to check.
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