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Hi All

Firstly, I have not been on here for a while so I apologise if this question has already been answered elsewhere, secondly my reason for not having much time to search elsewhere is that I am trying to study for PEV on Monday so bit short of spare time at the moment.

Now to the question - I have only one exam remaining until I complete Technician. I struggle with PEV and really do not expect to pass it this time around - although I will give it my best shot.

If I do fail, am I able to then sit the computer based exam instead? If so, how soon after taking these exams are results given? And is there now a time limited on me completing under the 2003 standards. If so, am I right in thinking that my exam successes are then transferred over to the new qualification??

Once again, sorry if I have repeated what is already on a thread, and good luck to all of you taking exams next week!


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    i don't think there are computer based exams for technical level under 2003 standard!
    you'll have to complete all exams/skill tests before june 2011, so you have plenty of time to do so!
    did you not recieve a letter from AAT? YOU MAY FIND MORE INFO ON AAT WEBSITE!
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    Hi Columbia,

    I e-mailed my tutor this week to ask if us current Technician students can take CBE's or if we need to stick to paper based. He replied and said the exams are likely to stay as they are but they will know more in a few weeks.

    He said once the new standards are in place they will know what extra work is needed to move to the new standards.

    As things stand, new students from July will be on the new standards and you have until June 2011 sittings to finish up the level you are currently on.
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    we were told our college will only be doing CBE from july so even if you have failed this exam you can do the exam by computer based
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    does this mean that if i have unit 8 and 9 left to do after these June exams, then I can take them say in Aug 10 as cba exams rather than wait to Dec so I can finish my AAT earlier than planned?
  • columbia
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    Thanks for your replies.

    I did get a letter from the AAT, unfortunately we have been decorating and I think it has been thrown away by accident and I cannot fully remember what it said! I have tried looking on the AAT website but couldn't find the information.

    I did look on the Kaplan site today which listed the new CBE exams from July 2010, and I assume one of those listed would be in place of the written PEV exam.

    My reasons for enquiring on here were mainly that I did not want my hard work to date to be lost if I failed this final exam under the 2003 standards, and I hoped I would not have to re-sit anything I had already passed to be classed as successful under the new standards. I also hoped that if I came out of the exam tomorrow feeling that I had not done too well, that I could study again for a few more weeks and sit the computer based one instead.

    I hope like nscuffell that I can retake this exam prior to Dec if my result is unsuccessful, just hope my local college is like A-Vics.

    Good luck to you all, and I will continue to study in the hope that it won't come to another resit!!
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