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im about to sit my pev/pcr exams this week and now im at technician level i really dont seem interested anymore...i cant study, nothing seems to sink in and i dont see the point of me doing them when i know im going to fail..
maybe its just my pregnancy hormones, any tips greatly appreciated!


  • Rinske
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    Try and remember why you started the study and how much work you've put in there already? Are you really willing to give that all up, just because you don't feel like studying now?

    Also, you signed up for the exams, paid for them and you have been trying to study the subject, just go for them, do the best you can and maybe you got enough marks to pass anyways!
  • EAP
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    My tip: sit near the door!

    Pregnancy hormones won't help but don't give up! I know several people who have sat these exams pregnant and did fine - the best tip I can give (depending on how far gone you are) is sit near the door in case your pregnancy bladder decides to do its thing!!!
    Best of luck.
  • Lyn32
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    I agreed with Rinske, you work so hard and pay for the exmas why not try to take the risk and have a go at least you do the best of your ability. I worked 3 times a week as a voluneer in a charity organisation. I was very stressed I thought that I could managed it all but I was wrong with an energetic 6years old daughter every weekend I thought that I could do a lot of study because my husband at home to be honest I lost motivation while I see my daughter watching telly all the time I felt guilty. But I look back this is my final exams and this commitment dominate so much of my time. I will not let this bad feeling overwhelmed what I want to do in my life because if I pass or don't pass it is my own resentment will suffer.

    So, I think as rinske said look back why you did the course in the first place.

    Best of luck in your pregnacy and the exams go for it!
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