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Just gained a new client

The case, a CA has been producing monthly management accounts for the past 18 months at a cost of £400 per month and they are all wrong, proven by me, a technician.

Clients are reviewing charges paid and are now using me :)

So for those of you out there worried about what to call yourself, take heart.

Technician n.
An expert in a technique, as:
a.One whose occupation requires training in a specific technical process: an electronics technician; an automotive technician.
b.One who is known for skill in an intellectual or artistic technique.

Chartered Accountant n. Chiefly British (Abbr. CA)
A member of one of the institutes of accountants granted a royal charter.


  • Bluewednesday
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    Nice balanced post - thank you
  • Gill Gittings
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    I've noticed the AAT practicing people always seem to have bad words to say about chartered accountants. Personally I think its uncalled for. I work in a mid tier firm where there are a good mix of AAT qualified and chartered accountants and all of the chartereds all complete experts at what they do.

    So what if a chartered accountant has made mistakes. AAT qualifieds aren't immune from error are they?

    For the record I am AAT and studying for ACCA.

    Get off your high horses MIPs!
  • Steve Collings
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    I usually avoid these sorts of discussion as I don't believe they add any value to either AAT or the profession as a whole and they are a bit like the 'qualified vs. unqualified' debate which will never be resolved nor go away.

    My view is that there are good and bad accountants out there and the professional qualifications of the bad ones matter not.

    In fairness (and to balance out the argument) how many unbelievably basic questions do you come across on the MIP board? Sometimes I am more worried about who AAT licences to act for the public!

    Of course, some chartered accountants produce work that would undoubtedly give rise to them justifying their work in front of the disciplinary panel. We took over a client from one of the big 4 and their cash flow statement didn't even balance! However, in contrast, I am sure there are some equally bad AAT members (as we sometimes see from their basic questions on here) who don't deserve their licence!

    Best regards
  • Monsoon
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    Poodle, your post made me chuckle and it's true - some CA's aren't always right.

    I have to agree with others though, while this gives us a morale boost (in that, yes, we are qualified for the job) I don't think we should adopt a general 'inverse snobbery' towards Chartereds.

    I've also inherited some messes from CA firms. I don't think the issue is the accountant's technical ability themselves - its the junior staff they use and whose work they don't check properly (this isn't conjecture, sadly in some cases this is a point of fact). I've also received prof clearance from other CAs and couldn't fault any of it (and have revised some of my processes as a result of seeing their workings!).

    There are good and bad qualifieds (be they chartered or not).
    There are good and bad unqualifieds (and remember some firms who don't present any qualifications may well be chartereds who have decided to resign from their institutes or similar, it does happen).
    IIn fairness (and to balance out the argument) how many unbelievably basic questions do you come across on the MIP board? Sometimes I am more worried about who AAT licences to act for the public!
    Yes, I have to say I agree with this. I realise some people only want to be and therefore are only licenced for bookkeeping but even so, sometimes these questions really scare me.

    Due to personal circumstances (health situation makes me unemployable), I could never become chartered or a chartered member in practice, and were the AAT to adopt the same policies (no practicing while a student, x years approved practice experience before getting MiP status) I wouldn't have a business, so I am very grateful for the AAT's licencing rules. Sometimes I do feel they are too 'generous' (especially when you see questions Steve points out) but then I don't know how they'd change the existing system.
  • burg
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    Not really got anything more to add than agreement.

    Regardless of qualified (whatever the qualification) or unqualified there are good and bad. I have had dealings with many different firms all with different standards.

    Again I also agree with the questions posed on here and wonder what poor advice may be being given.

    I am however also glad of the AAT's licensing system and would not be where I am today without it.

    I think it is the same as any profession where you will always find someone who is good and someone who is not regardless of qualifications.

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