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ECR - June 2010



  • babsababsa Well-Known Registered Posts: 118
    babsa wrote: »
    I have done every past paper there was to do for the costing exam, I think each paper got worst. I could have done the calculations forever but there was so many explainy thing in there I don't think I've got a chance anyone no where the computer based resit are? When is the exam paper onlne to look at? Last year it was 8 day from sitting the exam.

    I'm glad I passed. I looked at the new online exams glad i'm not doing them.
  • snowmaraudersnowmarauder Feels At Home Registered Posts: 99
    Yea, I passed. got not met requirement on other stock methods and the margin %. who cares I passed and thats all that matters xx
  • snowmaraudersnowmarauder Feels At Home Registered Posts: 99
    I tried them, at first a bit oh my god, but now I think I will prefer them.
  • chunk1985chunk1985 New Member Registered Posts: 10
    I passed ECR (Paper) I stupidly went out on the Sunday night and had a skinful - i couldnt find the companies payback period policy so just used the lifespan of the machine so my email at the end must have made for good reading as i went on and on how the project should be appoved ! But my method was right for figuring it out so i was just hoping i would still get me marks for that !
    This left me panicking all summer but im glad ive passed and am looking forward to technician next term. will definitely not be boozing before any exams again !
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