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for me the first exam i have sat in 26 years, wasn't to bad have passed my ECR Simulation and Reports Simulation and Finance so hoping I will get through this and Thursday's exam.
I have found the site useful just wish I had looked sooner!!!

marginal costing got me a bit and the limiting factors, just have to wait and see!

My decision now is if i pass at the age of 44 do i continue onto the next level..

Just started this last year to learn a bit about costing as i work for my financial controller in a small manufacting business doing the accounts to Trial Balance.

Most of the girls in my class don't get much support from their boss, my boss is the complete opposite he has complete faith in me!!!! and said I should carry on.

Just want to say to any mothers of young children that are doing this, work your studying into your weeky routine!!!!!! If i hadn't i wouldn't have got very far.

And Just want to say i big thank you to my husband who has done my ironing since easter to let me study - what a star!!!!!


  • EmilyRushin
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    Id saycarry on by the sounds of it you have done really well, got support, whats stopping you! well done x
  • goldring
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    i admire all those mothers studying and working at the same time.
    i don't think i would be able to do that if i were a mum.

    well done you. just marching on
  • elle79
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    I really haven't a clue how I did - the Break Even question took me ages to do, I may have hoofed up limiting factors a bit but really cannot remember.

    I think it'll be a close call - S1 was really straight forward and S2 had a few bits that really threw me.

    Have to try and not dwell on it and get ready for FRA on Thursday. No mean feat with two kids, a house and a part time job to keep in line!!

    Good luck to everyone who has more exams this week!!
  • AuntieT
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    It just seems so long until we get the results!
  • elle79
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    I'm on holiday when the results come out!!

    I can see me finding a wifi spot and trying to log in!!
  • lnolan88
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    I agree with you smithy44. I am 21 with a 14 month old. Working full time, running a house and studying is hard work! The boyfriends studying full time, so we're always running round like headless chickens trying to get everything done!
    I don't think I did too bad in the ECR exam. Got tricky towards the end of the paper but I hope I've done enough to pass!
  • joosh
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    Hi Smithy,
    I'm in much the same situation as you, age 40 and just sat my ECR exam today (passed, thank goodness!!). It's really difficult studying with kids, my youngest is 7 months old and my daughter is 3 but I have to really motivate myself to do at least a couple of hours each weekday evening, like you said it's a matter of scheduling it into your day.
    Like you I'm not sure whether or not to continue further after AAT has been completed.
    I'm definitely going to finish AAT but dont know whether to progress onto ACCA or CIMA or whether I've left it too late in life.
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