Help Unit 31

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Hello ....
I am a distance learner and have no idea how unit 31 works? could you guys pls help me to understand unit 31 skill test....
how does it work?
Thank you in advance...hope i'll get info from u guys........


  • mini_schnauzermini_schnauzer Trusted Regular Posts: 347Registered
    There are three parts to this unit - which is why it has been renamed to be Unit 34,35 & 36. There is a general Health & Safety part, then a spreadsheet (excel) using part and finally a part regarding SAGE accounts.
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    Thank you............Mini Schnauzer
    I think now I've come to understand, As I went through I came to know that there are 3 parts in unit 31
    1. Theory exam
    2. Sage (Computerbase) Exam &
    3. last one is Report writing which we don't have to do it in the exam centre but can do from home.
    Is that wright or am i still missing something, do suggest me.
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