messy exam paper!!!

i just want to know how i may get marked on my very messy exam paper since the non allownace of tipex or erasable pens???
i just finished pcr today and struggled with some of the mind went blank and i was trying to calculate things for 30 mins with no correct answers, anyhow when i was wasting to much time i wrote i can not calculate these so i am going to carry on with these numbers so i can complete the paper and did.
When i had finished the operating statement i then remembered how to calculate the figures i made up, at the end of the paper i wrote 2.2 continued and then my calculations. I then went back to my operating statement and tried to change the figures but it all became very messy.. it would of been much neater if i could of used my erasable pens as i have in previous exams, and i just get the feeling that whoever marks it will look at it and think 'what a mess' ....


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    I hope not my BTC looked fairly similiar to the scribble picture my two year old did at the weekend :)
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    This must have been something they would have discussed when they made the decision to ban tippex and rubout pens!

    I don't know what they'll do about it. You could always ring AAT or your tutor and ask, it must have been discussed by 'those in the know'!
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    I had a lot of crossings out, and then I wrote in Pencil and overwrote it when I was happy with the answers, I hope this was ok as I was told it was.
    I think the reason for the tippex thing is that in the end if you tipexx loads its hard to see what is written on the tipeex
    I was told it was ok to do it in pencil and then overwrite it with ink and rub out the pencil
    Not sure on the reason for the lack of use of erasible pens
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