pass exams concern!

meibaker Registered Posts: 481 Dedicated contributor 🦉
what will happen with the old standard past exams when the new standard coming in July? will it still be available for the people who study under 2003 standard?
i am not sure if i should save all the pass exams for unit 11 and 33 on my computer just in case they over write it, then i will have nothing to practice for my dec exams.


  • sdv
    sdv Registered Posts: 585 Epic contributor 🐘
    Don't delete any of your past exam papers from your system

    they are a very good resource to have.

    there is not much change between the old dfs and the new equivalent unit under QCF.

    You can still take 2003 standards exams in dec 2010 and June 2011
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