PCR June 2010

Pink Panther
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I cant belive how different the exam was to all the practice papers. I'm so not happy the terminolgy used was unfair,as if exams werent hard enough. The paper was totally different to what had been taught.

Whats the point in changing the exam paper completly when this time next year it goes all computerised. All the previous paper have had the same layout in some way and same terminology , but this year exam was totaly different.


  • Lugal1981
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    Pcr june 2010 exam

    I totally agree with you.

    This PCR paper was so hard and it even spoke about production line and effiency which were have not covered in tuition.

    All the practice papers that we had been given were nothing like the actual exam.

    I went in to the exam feeling confident, but as soon as I opened the exam I wanted the ground to open up and swollow me.

  • sammyj
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    PCR June 10

    Not happy with this paper at all.

    I found it hard work trying to answer all the questions in the time.

    Section 1 was definately harder to understand then previous papers and also more detailed calculations within the scenario and production lines (don't know how to deal with them)
    Section 2 would have been easier if I didn't feel pressed by time due to spending more than the suggested time in section 1.

    Possibly failed!
  • sabs2310
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    Not enough time to complete section 2

    After going through section 1 and thinking how long it was especially as I was constantly working through it non stop (god it was really bitty) - but I managed to answer all questions just took so long - I realised I only had 40 minutes left to complete section 2 - help - I rushed through it really quickly just to get it all completed - missed the % bit to do with the flexed budget (only 1 part of a question - didn't have enough time to balance the flexed account. Just worked out variances for report. answered all other parts of section 2 quickly and exam time was over - needed at least another 30 minutes to go through and write a decent report. God was the person who wrote the exam having a bad day.

    About 90% of our class also had trouble trying to complete the paper in the time given and had to rush through section 2.

    I really dread my results

    I think this is definately a resit -
  • christineb
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    I can't believe that the pcr exam was so different from any other exam past paper! it was like trying to do a Kaplin paper. It seemed like all the information was hided to confuse, when you don't need any confusion in an exam!!

    not happy! :-(
  • boohoo
    boohoo Registered Posts: 1 New contributor 🐸
    Horribllee paperr =(

    Omggg the paper was just so hard it was just impossible .. i got into the exam after doing revision for it and feeling confident especially after the PEV paper was fine on monday and then i opened it looked through and thought whattttt? read the questions thought 1.1 was okay but a bit strange because nothing like that has come up before in the past papers and then 1.2 ans 1.3 well i just didnt have a clue i ended up leaving most of it out for the time being and doing section which was alright and then went back to section one and thought oh well this is tough at least if i put something down i should be alright but i came out feeling absolutely horrible and i just know full well thats a big massive fail i literally thought during the exam this is too hard i might aswell get up and leave.

    The exam was totally horrible and unfair and i think it will be a resit on the computer in september where at least the answers are multiple choice which means you got a 1 in 4 chance of getting the answers right.
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