Pct: The aftermath!!!

stefanboro Registered Posts: 187 Dedicated contributor 🦉
Sooooo how did everyone do today? I don't think we're allowed to discuss answers until after a particular time so I will not do so but I have to say I feel sort of muddled.

Most of it was ok but I do feel that some of the information and questions were designed to trip you up. I imagine I have definately got a few calculations wrong but beyond that my overall methods of calculation etc were right so hopefully I will still pass.

Also I did not like the written question at the end. It was always my weak point.


  • stefanboro
    stefanboro Registered Posts: 187 Dedicated contributor 🦉
    Sorry make that *PTC DUH!! - it's just reflective of the day I've had!
  • A-Vic
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    i think what it is with tax you study the hardest thing they could put in but then when they make it simple it really throws you a lot i found that with BTC this week
  • goodyuk
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    I definitely think I failed.... EVERY question seemed to have some kind of swirve ball or unusual complication and both memo's were killers... especially the one in section 2 - they wanted so much specific detail where as in the past general explanations woudl suffice on that topic (wont say what as not allowed yet)

    I think this is the hardest paper I have ever seen on PCT for sure... nothing straight forward about it at all

    They went all hog on testing things that were unusual anomilies, or rarely tested, or tested alot of things in a new way
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