Addicted to Forum - Therapy!!!!

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OK - I've finished all my exams, so I figure that I shouldn't be here so much!

I'm over the hip op and am (more or less) completely off crutches, so I should be back to doing normal things with the family again. Not sitting here doing this.

So, guess what; I'm going to do something radical and change my home page to 'Google' now, so that I spend the summer holidays with my boys, real children who live in my house, and not stuck in cyberspace.

I have fully taken on board a posting made by Jilt this morning. Thank you Jilt ;) I needed a kick up the bum as I think I have been getting a bit addicted to this with a fix first thing in the morning and last thing at night, plus regular fixes throughout the day. It's starting to rule my life and I shouldn't be here, it's sunny outside where my children are playing.

Going to play now.

Anna x
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